At just 26 years old, native Swede Patrik Rolf Karlsson has already built himself an impressive resume in the world of coffee. An alumnus of prestigious European roasters da Matteo (Helsingborg) and Five Elephant (Berlin), Karlsson is a Coffee Masters tournament finalist, a Barista Guild of Europe CoLab featured speaker, and a coach of competitors in both the 2016 World Brewers and World Barista Championship. But today, and for the first time, he’s directing a project of his very own: April Coffee, a new coffee roastery based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

To learn more about the project, Sprudge co-founder Jordan Michelman spoke with Karlsson digitally from Copenhagen.

Patrik Rolf at the Coffee Masters Tournament. Photo by Gary Regan.

Hello Patrik, and thanks for speaking to Sprudge. For starters, give us some background on your work in coffee leading up to the opening of April .

I started at da Matteo in Gothenburg, my hometown. I did as most people in the industry: you start doing dishes and work yourself up. I went from running an entrepreneurial project to coffee because I was fascinated by how the coffee industry was developing. Right from the beginning, I spent a lot of time practicing, researching and testing on my free time.

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