Spiral Water Technologies, a developer of advanced filtration solu­tions for difficult-to-treat waters, intro­duces the Model S1000 auto­matic self-cleaning filter.

Made with a robust stainless steel housing, the new Model S1000 can be used for both process and waste­water streams. Designed to remove ultra-high and variable total suspended solids (TSS) from difficult-to-treat fluids in indus­trial process and waste­water treatment appli­ca­tions, it is ideal for use in such markets as food and beverage, power, chem­icals, metals, and mining.

Model S1000 appli­ca­tions include:

• Fluid Filtration and Product Recovery: Filtration of indus­trial and beverage products to remove suspended solids or recover high-value solids from process streams. Examples are wine and juice filtration, liquid fertilizer, and other indus­trial fluids.

• Bulk Solids Removal: Removal of solids from waste­water streams in the food and beverage, municipal waste­water and other indus­tries streams where suspended solids reduction is required for discharge or reuse. Examples are wash water in food and beverage processing and the reduction of organic matter in waste­water streams for TSS and BOD reduction.

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