Last year Anna Brones published a recipe for gingerbread cookies, and coffee cookies are an excellent theme to continue for the holiday season this year. It’s hard to go above and beyond Chemex cookies, but when she found this recipe for sugar cookies, she knew that a coffee rendition was the inevitable next step.

This recipe is an adaptation of one from Stella Parks, a pastry chef over at Serious Eats. It is perfect for specialty coffee lovers.

coffee sugar cookies recipe holiday 2016 sprudge

First of all, sugar cookies are based on ratios; just like coffee brewing! This one is a little heavier on the sugar, because, holidays. Sugar cookies are in fact all about basic food chemistry, and while most sugar cookies just incorporate butter, Parks’s recipe goes a little above and beyond. As Parks writes, “instead of butter alone, I use a bit of coconut oil, too. Butter contains water, so cutting it with coconut fat lowers the water content of the dough, upping the richness of the cookies, and thereby improving their shelf life—an essential quality for make-ahead cookies destined for gifting and care packages.”


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