Le Herbe now caters to the coffee and cannabis connoisseurs, with Cold Brew Coffee. Inspired by the famous Café Du Monde in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Le Herbe combines certified natural cannabis extracts, chicory and vanilla bean to this cold brew coffee, which will be available in select cities and states that have passed marijuana legalization for adult use.

Cold Brew Coffee is different from traditional iced coffee, which is made by brewing hot coffee and pouring over ice. The cold brew process begins with importing green coffee beans sourced responsibly from micro-lot organic farmers. The locally roasted beans are then coarse ground and steeped for 24 hours in purified water using a temperature-controlled system. This process, instead of heat, allows you to slowly extract the natural flavors of coffee. The result is extraordinary: smooth, naturally sweet, rich coffee, with no bitterness and is up to 70% less acidic.

“Cold brew is emerging as one of the hottest beverages in the United States, especially among millennials,” said Frank Cali, business development of Le Herbe. “It just makes sense to combine this surging category with our solventless cannabis extracts. Coffee and Cannabis is a daily requirement for most of us here at Le Herbe. You won’t find us in Seattle without a quality cup of coffee nearby.”

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